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 Poughill is a picture postcard Cornish village of thatch and slate, settled high above the rugged north coast of Cornwall in England.

A gentle place that has watched out over Bude bay in the Celtic sea for near a thousand years.

Whether you're just passing through or it's forever in your heart, here you can learn much of its history, share its secrets, soak up its charm and even add to its story. 



View over Poughll to Bude bay

View over Poughll to Bude Bay



 The ancient Cornish village of Poughill, nestles in the wooded hollow of a hill, ever watchful over the Celtic sea, just a mile or so equidistant between the ancient town of Stratton and its Victorian neighbour Bude, settled above the rugged North Coast of Cornwall.

 Long before the village of Poughill appeared in the Doomsday book in ‎1086, back during Anglo-Saxon times, a much older church once stood here we know little of, yet clearly built strictly for purpose. Then, in the Reign of Edward the Confessor these green lands were owned by the Kings Thane, Lord Alward.

 Since, Poughill has witnessed a full millennium of history, though much now lost to time and even more is long forgotten.




  In 1912 the author and landscape artist Alan Gardner Folliott Stokes, made a walking tour of the county for his book Cornish coast and moors. This is what he had to say about the village of Poughill;


" In another half-mile, next to Poughill. Here is another picturesque village, surrounded by fertile fields and great elms. On each side of the road are cottages with enormous chimneys and thatched or shingled roofs, and some of them have a projecting porch with a room over it.

And their walls are covered with roses and clematis and jessamine and the gardens are brilliant with lilies, moss-roses, evening primrose, sweet-williams, lavender and many another old-fashioned flower. Travel the world over and you will not find anything more beautiful than such an English West - country village in the month of June."











       A Little of  Poughills Ancient History:

 Victorian Map of Poughill Cornwall   Map of Poughill Cornwall

Victorian Map of Poughill Cornwall



 The county of Cornwall, from around the year 450 onwards, right through until the early 19th century, was divided into nine separate 'hundreds', or ancient administrative regional districts which ceased to exist in 1834.


 History has written that Poughill was one of the 13 close Parishes attached to the 'Hundred of Stratton', our near neighbour and a settlement that was regarded back then as an important ancient trading town. With its own court house and local government administration, it positioned it well above its neighbouring villages as their ongoing steward.

 Under Anglo Saxon rule and beyond, Poughill has been the property of Kings and the Church, until being finally subdivided into her two manors, Burshill and Broomhill which are covered in much more detail in sections of their own.


 Although Poughill was inhabited in Anglo Saxon times, the manor of Poughill had a complicated array of Lords in its infancy.

We know for instance that Poughill comprised of a 'Virgate' of land, which in all is about 30 acres as we know it today and that it supported 'five ploughs' here.  This refers to actual working farm ploughs, each with their eight oxen to pull them.


 In the year 1086, Poughill then passed to William the Goat, being Count Robert of Mortains tenant-in-chief.

The Doomsday Survey of the same year, 1086, interestingly does not mention Poughill's church, but the dedication to the sainted Danish King, St Olaf, may imply that it could have been consecrated in the first half of the 11th century.

 At one time, Poughill was the holding of a man called Alfred, held under Robert, the Count of Mortain, 2nd Earl of Cornwall (born 1031–c.1095) He was the Norman nobleman who build Launceston castle and the half-brother, on his mother's side, of King William the Conqueror, who had been generous after the Conquest with his gifts of British land to his closest supporters that were fighting with him at the Battle of Hastings. Alfred was an important tenant to the Count and could it seems, in reality may probably have been his butler.

An image of him appears in the Bayeux Tapestry which is illustrated below.










 Alfred is on the right in discussion with his two brothers. William, on the far left was to become important as King known as William the Conqueror.

 The whole manor of Poughill then passed to different owners in the ensuing centuries, including between 1192–1205 to Hubert de Burgh, Earl of Kent, who latterly gave the manor of Poughill to the Cistertian Abbey of Cleeve in Somerset.


 At the time of the Reformation, Poughill, like so many other lands owned by the church, was seized by the Crown, but in time it would be sold off to individual Lords of the manor, George Salter and John Williams and latterly to John Stanbury of Broomhill, John Cunningham Saunders and Thomas Trood esq. as you will learn in these pages and hopefully, enjoy.



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