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A selection of Images of St Breward - Cornwall.

Distinctive  Cornish  Photographs


Panorama -The village of St Breward in Cornwall 

Photograph © Jackie Freeman Photography - St. Breward – Cornwall


The St Breward Scarecrow Competition 2010



  Following in the footsteps of traditional scarecrow building events which have prevailed in the west country for centuries and in the shadow of one of the most successful, Great Torrington in Devon, the annual scarecrow building competition in St Breward in Cornwall where we now live, takes the theme of Walt Disney to heart for 2010 and brings it alive.

 This year, the ingenuity of the St Breward village entrants  brought  a splash of colour and good humour to the community to be shared by all, visitors and villagers alike.

 Here are my personal favourite entries which I photographed Wednesday 30th June, before the final judging is announced on Carnival day, 3rd July and before the rain set in on Thursday leaving many entries a little battered but non the less, worse for wear.

Though all the St Breward  scarecrow entries were terrifically good and showed diversity, skill and impressive St Breward ingenuity, some absolutely shone and were exceptional !  

These are but a few of the 16 entries this year.

Well done St Breward.








Meet St Breward's very own Pinnochio. >

A brilliant St Breward Scarecrow competition adaptation of the Walt Disney classic character and a welcome entrant from the Limehead area of St Breward in Cornwall.

The Storr family from Pennypot, have used an ingenious mix of fabric and straw complete with a Jiminy Cricket all of his own to keep an eye on things. I particularly liked the oak tree nose which reminds us all about his fibs.
















 Pinocchio  of course was a 1940 American animated film produced by Walt Disney and based on the story called; The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi. It's he second film in the Walt Disney Animated Classics and was made after the success of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and was released to theaters by RKO Radio Pictures on February 7, 1940.







                        Photograph © Jackie Freeman Photography - St. Breward – Cornwall














Photograph © Jackie Freeman Photography - St. Breward – Cornwall

<St Breward's superb 'Goofy' scarecrow with a hidden agenda!




Clean up, Tidy up, 'Cos the Carnival's in town."

Another very clever St Breward Scarecrow as it incorporates the traditional scarecrow stuffing, local straw or hay, with  fabric, papier-mâché and clever props like the Cornish shovel and a local message to many.





This fine St Breward entry from Anna Cornelius is tucked way up out of the way , up past Higher Penquite at the top of the village towards the moor at Hantergantic Farm.

It would be nice to see these lovely scarecrows displayed somewhere central so all of

St Breward inhabitants and its visitors can enjoy the skills, wit and fun displayed by the entrants from the village.






Goofy is an animated cartoon character from the Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse cartoon universe. He is a humanoid dog and is one of Mickey Mouse's best friends. The original concept and name was "Dippy Dawg" drawn from in cartoon shorts created during the 1930s; However, his name was given as "George Geef" or "G.G. Geef" It naturally followed that "Goofy" became a lasting nickname.
Nothing Goofy at all about this wicked St Breward Scarecrow entry for 2010









ONE EYED MIKE from Monsters Inc; >

Made from almost everything but the kitchen sink!

This is the fine 'BARNPARK' St Breward scarecrow entry from Marcus and Sophie Mitchell, is once again from the Limehead area of St Breward who seem to have done the village proud in the carnival festivities.

This rather sensible Cornish St Breward - Disney Scarecrow leads the way in Health and Safety compliance for St Breward's would be house 'doer uppers.' But alas, sadly fails the regs in the three toed steel capped boots department as far as NCDC would be concerned. (Though the straw would be replaceable in the case of an accident in that department most certainly one could argue!)

 What a terrific welcome he makes for the many visitors and tourists who come to our village. Shame he's not somewhere permanent to bring smiles and a giggle to big kid's and little kids driving through St Breward.

Now, here's an idea for the owners of the OLD INN who could certainly raise some smiles from there visitors by offering to display the entries over the summer in their garden!












Photograph © Jackie Freeman Photography - St. Breward – Cornwall












< St Breward's very own Mr Potato head. and the entry from St Breward Stores, is a fun scarecrow and fully recyclable to boot!

Setting Standards:

This Disney classic scarecrow entry for the St Breward carnival competition  is keeping a watchful eye out in the center of the village outside the shop for the  would be litterer's and possible bench graffiti artists and is also mainstream compliant with NCDC's health and safety regulations.

Either that or he's waiting to chat up Sleeping Beatuy next door or get in to the doctors!


Waiting for a bus on a bad hair day!






Photograph © Jackie Freeman Photography - St. Breward – Cornwall


Cruella De Ville from Disney's 101 Dalmations is a great entry from the Arnold family in Limehead.










Photograph © Jackie Freeman Photography - St. Breward – Cornwall

Woody from the Disney epic Toy Story by  Andrea and Pam  is tucked away

a bit and can be found at the bottom of  Weathergleam Hill Close.

Nice use of local Delabole slate here.



Shallowbridge Farm gives us Mickey Mouse courtesy

of Jack Coleman and Christina Sillifant.

Worth the ride out to see it and nice and originally made.









Victoria Nankivell from Trewallock farm gives us scary scarecrow,

Snow White's wicked Stepmother.

One that could be used right through to Halloween too.





<Linda Belcher brings us the Sorcerers Apprentice

in an original adaptation displayed at Penvorder House





Noteworthy St Breward scarecrow competition likely disqualifications.















<Likely reason for disqualification: This looks nothing like Alladin and has no straw in it!






Below: Will be more than likely disqualified because we think its poorly made

and the head's fallen off Dumbo the elephant



This scarecrow looks nothing like Bambi and  many villagers in St Breward believe this it may even be considered as cheating!












Forwards >


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Photographs on this page: St Breward's very own Pinochio - St Breward's superb 'Goofy' scarecrow  - Bambi, Woody from Toy Story ,Cruella De Ville from Disney's 101 Dalmations,  Snow White : Waiting for a bus on a bad hair day!, ONE EYED MIKE from Monsters Inc.

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